Best Car Yards in Altona, Melbourne

Unless you personally know the seller, the best way to avoid horrid stories new car repairs that run into thousands of dollars is to buy your vehicle from a card yard. Not only are they motivated to protect their reputation, by offering you exactly your money’s worth – or what you agree on, they also provide warranties to back up their claims. Here are the best car yards in Altona Melbourne in terms of pricing and range of available cars for sale.  If you are looking for car yards to buy your car, just google sell my car altona into Google & you will be greeted by hundreds of options.


Westgate has this super sleek, and useful website that helps you narrow down your car choices even before you go to the yard. You can narrow down the options displayed by either selecting the make, model and badge – or you can decide to go the cost route and year route. Vehicles are as low as $4,000, and as high as $80,000. So you can choose to get your used cars, or brand new vehicles with them. They sell them all.


Autotrader allows you walk in with no financial plans, and walk out with the car of your dream. The thing about 21st century car yards is that you can see all their vehicles without stepping away from your couch. Autotrader goes out of its way in displaying its stock on their website for your perusal. They don’t keep as many vehicles, but they’re always stocked with the most popular cars. Their website also has a loan calculator, so you can pick the car of your choice, note the amount, and see what your monthly repayment plan will look like. All before leaving your home.

#3. Manheim Auctions Melbourne

As one of Australia’s biggest car dealerships, it’s no surprise that Manheim made our list. The office in Melbourne is actually considered one of the biggest branches. What this means to you, as a buyer is that you can get your vehicles at the most competitive prices here. You’d also have a wider menu to choose from.